Try out the Game!


Let's take it by steps!
1st - Download the game!
2nd - Unrar (it's like installing, choose your location.)
3rd - Make sure you have the latest DirectX 9 installed.
4th- Go to Releases, and run OgreTutorial_01.exe.
5th - Read the rest of this page!
6th - Configure your settings using the Ogre3D automatic configurer-ma-jib. Make sure you pick OpenGl, and not DirectX.
7th - Play the game!

Playing the Game!

There are three teams of space bounty hunters. You get to play as one of their aces. Overall, the difference between the teams, other than everything else, is their ships's performance.
Mad Hunters are slower, but turn better.
Valued Seekers are faster, but turn worst.
Bounty Aces are 50/50. Turn better than Valued, and are faster than the Mads.

The goal is to pick up treasures using the tractor beam, and to deliver them to the mothership, again using the tractor beam (kinda, same key xD)

You can stun your enemies(and friends) using your laser gu-uh...your stunning balls.
o.ô....... Yeah. So, you shoot them, they hit, gradually taking the shields down, and eventually they're stunned. Same to you.

Colliding with stuff, like asteroids, other trash, treasures themselves, also takes down your shield.

When stunned, ships stay down for a while, but then they come back up. After a number of times, they're down for good. The hud tells you about the active members of all teams: when the number decreases, someone's ship has died for good.

The difficulty messes with how many lives you've got (others always have three), and how much time ships are stunned, and how much being hit takes away from the shield (and some AI stuff you don't need to know about ;))

You can take up to three treasures. Hit something that isn't a bullet, or be stunned, and you lose them all.

You have a kinetic shooter, aka force push. It hits anything made of metal, pushing it. Have fun.

You can request an attack at a foe, to defend a friend, or to defend yourself. The piece of hud saying "orders" is where you can see the state of it. Go ahead and spam it.

You have two levels. On level 1, there's a moon right on top of you, inflicting gravity upon the gamezone! Take that into consideration.

You have a radar! Red are enemies, blue are friends, yellow are are enemies carrying treasures and green is friends carrying treasures.

Hum...oh, the AI gets pissed off and/or happy according with what happens: friends dead, treasure collected, request accepted, denied, etc. And no, you can't accept or deny a request (yet?) So yeah. You can only order people around, poor you

Lastly, Game has annoyingly correct physics! So watch out for the tractor beam. I advice you to only activate the tractor beam when you’re RIGHT on top of the treasures. Be ye warned ;)

Read the control scheme! And have fun!

Control Scheme

Control Engine Power: Mousewheel.
Roll left/right, pitch up/down: left/right, down/up or respectively a/d s/w.
Kill Engine: Space Bar.
Fly backwards: X.
Shoot Stunning Balls! : Left mouse click.
Tractor Beam(needs proximity): Right mouse click. Delivers treasures when in proximity to mothership.
Order an attack : E, then mouse left click to select the target.
Order a defense : Q, then mouse left click to select a friend. Hold Q to call for help.
Activate Special Skillz: Shift.

The following's using "special mode", which is to say, holding shift.
Barrel roll left/right: left/right or a/d.
dive up/down: down/up or s/w.
Immelmann turn: X
Kinetic shooter: Right mouse click.

Thank you to all of the following people, for participating in this project. A work well done, comrades! :D

Art & TitleScreen By:
Fiona Ng

Voices by:
Brett Hayes as Bounty Aces Ace, Bel O'rion
Carolann Ingiosi (Annie_Chan) as Mad Hunter 3
Cody McCulloch as Bounty Ace 3 and Valued Seeker 1
David J.G. Doyle as Valued Seeker 2
David Livings as Valued Seekers Ace, Gacrux
Dylan Spencer as Captain Hank, of the Bounty Aces
Jesse Foster as Captain Shane, of the Valued Seekers
John Walker as Bounty Ace 2
Kat Korvus as Mad Hunter Ace, Callisto.
Melanie Quintos as Captain Trent, of the Mad Hunters, and Mad Hunter 1.
Paul J. \"Sabien\" Stufkosky as Valued Seeker 3
Tom Kempson as Bounty Ace 1, Pan
Trish Lammers as Narrator and Mad Hunter 2

Music by residents (by random order):
DJtheSdotcom, with \"X vs Zero Techno Take\"
Supersteph54, with \"Racing Through Eternity\"
pyrotek45, with \"-[PK]- My Zone [Final]\"
MrTwisT, with \"Tank Wars\"
ParagonX9, with \"Defection\", \"Chaoz Fantasy\" and \"Chaoz Airflow\"
Goukisan, with \"Guitar Vs. Piano 1.2\"
Dj-Rec0il, with \"Humanitys Last Stand\", THE THEME FROM THE MENU.
SRT-M1tch, \"Paragonx9 - Chaoz Fantasy\" (remix of the one above)
Waterflame, with \"-Time Machine-\" and \"-Chaotic-\"
Submergence, with \"Lost Memory\"
AzureVixen, with \"Beyond the Beyond\"

Thank you for playing! We hope you enjoy it!

Developing Bounty Aces





- Game management for Story Mode (hiatus)

Done n' Working

- Options mode (resolution, skirmish mode configuration, difficulty)
- Hud management
- Intelligent & Emotive AI
- Ship's status behaviour (Perfect,Stun and Dead)
- Pin-point relative position (so AI can tell if a treasure chest is at its relative left, right, above or up. This sh** was hard.)
- Radar(This sh** was harder.).
- Basic Navigation (up, down, roll, brake)
- Basic Hud (shield health, engine-power, ship status, crosshair)
- Sun
- Lighting and Shadows
- Shaders
- Third Person View
- First Person View
- Orbital View
- Special Navigation (barrel-roll left&right, dive up&down, Immelheim turn, warp-tunnel entry)
- Asteroids
- Comets
- Sattelite
- Alien Ship
- Busted cargo ship
- Planets
- Treasure chests
- Faction-customized ships
- Faction-customized engines and trails (dynamic)
- Faction motherships (visual and function)
- Tractor beam (visual and function)
- Warp tunnel (visual and function)
- Collisions (visual and function)
- Gravity
- Kinetic Shooter aka Force Push (visual and function)
- Crosshair (visual and function)
- Reactive AI (ships avoid asteroids by themselves)
- Physics
- Stun Shot
- Engines (dynamic)
- Trails (dynamic)
- Some more stuff

Voice Acting

Bel O'rion - Confirmed, 100% lines

Callisto - Confirmed 100% lines

Gacrux - Confirmed, 100%

Pan - Confirmed, 100%

Hank - Confirmed, 100%

Trent - Confirmed, 100% lines

Shane - Confirmed, 100% lines

Narrator&Randoms - Confirmed, 100% lines.


Sound Effects
Shooting, thruster, colliding shield, warp, danger(shield low), tractor beam, kinetic shooter, etc 100%

Theme chosen, 8 musics, all being usd.



Bounty Aces - Done and embedded.

Valued Seekers - Done, not embedded.

Mad Hunters - Done, not embedded.


Bel O'rion - Completed

Callisto - Completed

Gacrux - Completed

Pan - Completed

Hank - Completed

Trent - Completed

Shane - Completed