Try out the Game!


Let's take it by steps!
1st - Download the installer.
2nd - Run the installer.
3rd - Play.

Playing the Game

The main objective is to survive for as long as you can.
Your score will depend on how many enemies you killed and how many enemy weapons you have retrieved (not time you have lasted).
You cannot switch weapons, you can switch powers, and only use one at a time.
Collecting enemy weapons recharges the countdown to your death.
Read the control scheme! And have fun!

Control Scheme

Shoot teleport gun: - Left button.
Switch Power: Mousewheel. 1-through-7 keys. E and Q keys.
Activate Power: Right Mouse button.
Move: - W,A,S,D keys.
Jump: - Space key.
Quit Game: - Escape key.


1: E-Grav - Activate and hold for the power of flight. Jump to go up, crouch to go down.
2: E-Port - Activate to Teleport in the direction you're looking. Hold your focus(button) to increase teleporting distance.
3: E-Magnetic - Activate and hold to magnetize to walls and ceilings. Jump will now be necessary to hold as you are jumping with magnetic power, and not legs, which also means you can jump a lot farther.
4: E-Shield - Activate and hold to generate a shield that detonates all enemy ammo on contact. Cannot move while focusing this powers.
5: E-Xplode - Activate when crosshair is over enemy and focus for three seconds to make enemy explode, causing the death of those near him. (These deaths are obviously deaths and not teleports). No need to keep crosshair over enemy.
6: E-Mind - Activate and hold to convert an enemy to your side. (If he is killed by an enemy weapon, he will not be teleported. Those he kills with his weapon will not be teleported).
7: E-Speed - Activate and hold to engage super speed.


You are the robot who was experimented on to devep creative inteligence, to reintroduce imagination into a world that has become too logical.
But the experiment went too far! Your brain developed to unprecedented magnitudes and you have developed a sense of rebellion against the system.
You are The Esper, the robot with a functioning and super-developed brain, which manifests mysterious powers!
But the system has found about your hideout in space, and has sent its robotic armies to destroy you and your work, but while caught unawares, you were not unprepared!
With enhanced technology to the point of mind powers, and a newly developed teleport gun, your missions is to teleport as many enemy robots as you can so they can be converted into one of you!
Use your powers to stand against the on-coming onslaught. But they take too much of a toll, you cannot focus more than one at a time.
All your technology takes a heavy toll on your battery, which is why you can assimilate their weapons into yourself for more time.
Your demise is inevitable, but your defeat is not!

Development Progress

Mostly everything is implemented and working. What is missing is all non-gameplay related:
- Resize level.
- Intelligent Spawning (Right now it's keeping up with the player. I want the player to keep up with the spawning, and use the spawning to defeat the two winning strategies that are present in the game)
- Rethink music.
- Add plot elements (maybe voice?).

Thank you for playing! I hope you enjoy it!