Try out the Game!


Let's take it by steps!
1st - Download the installer.
2nd - Run the installer.
3rd - Play.

Playing the Game

The main objective is to survive for as long as you can.
Your score will depend on how many enemies you killed and how many enemy weapons you have retrieved (not time you have lasted).
You cannot switch weapons, you can switch powers, and only use one at a time.
Collecting enemy weapons recharges the countdown to your death.
Read the control scheme! And have fun!

Control Scheme

Changing choices/selection - Arrow keys.
Make selection: Left Mouse Button. Enter key.
Cancel action: Right Mouse Button.
Move camera: Drag mouse past ends of screen.


Unique more in its execution and gameplay than in its basic concept, this fantasy epic will follow Vhilwin, a warrior born ilegimitaly to an elven mother, dead at his birth, who decides to go explore the vast depths of human territory and ends up getting involved in a massive event of the history of the world.
A world without magic, but with plenty of gadgtery, will manifest itself in this tactical RPG of unique and fresh approach to configurable combat mechanics that seeks to enhance and enrich the RPG experience by focusing on enriching the combat experience.

Development Progress

(NOTE: This is up online in its current state so possible employers can see it, which is to say, for specific portfolio reasons). The game is being developed in Unreal Development Kit, my favorite game development engine.
Basic tactical rpg system in function. Possible actions, going through the different states, confirming or canceling actions, skipping their progress/animations, etc.
The sense of skils, items, attack types, positioning and so forth is also built into the system. As it stands, it's very very near to a complete behavior of a level. Not much else, no assets, no concept of levels or specific animation. Next Steps:
- Implementing pathfinding so to highlight where a selected character can walk to(and perhaps use it also to do the walking, instead of using UDK MoveTo action).
- Decide whether to save character profiles(in terms of stats) as classes, or files to be loaded and read.
- Implementing saving system.
- Make the...third? Level. It's the first with a full team-on-team encounter (out of the tutorial levels), so it'll feature a special enemy, basic enemies, and the main hero characters.

Thank you for playing! I hope you enjoy it!