Welcome, nice to meet you.

Who am I?

My name is Hugo Miguel Gonçalves Damas; I am 30 years old and am currently living in Scotland.

I am a professional games programmer. My education includes an MSc in Computer Science with a major in Multimedia with a 17/20 average and a master thesis that was graded 19/20, all of this at Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal.

Currently I'm more prepared to work with Unreal Engine and C++, on Gameplay, UI and Network programming. Despite that, I continuously focus on fundamentals and thus am confident and always willing to use and adapt to new technologies and different specialisations.

I am also a self-motivated creator and editor of visual content, particular to writing, my great passion, and image/video editing. I am also a gamer at heart, particular to single-player experiences, but loving of the competitive gameplay experiences emergent in a multi-player enviroment.

What is this site?

I have created this site with the assistance of my great friend, and talented web-designer Guilherme Albuquerque , with the simple purpose of having my projects identified and easily available for possible employers, or possible collaborators, or anyone else who would benefit from a quick, though detailed, overview of what I have, in practical terms and for a lack of a better word, done.

Guilherme did a great job with the site, outfitting it to work with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE 7, 8, and 9 e Safari, and Iphones. So I have to assume you most probably will have no trouble whatsoever browsing this website. Read on for a map of what all the different sections offer.

How is the site organized?

I have divided this site into 4 sections. I do repeat information across them but I do so to display them in different levels of detail.

Have a good and informative stay.

And so I officially bid you welcome! Enjoy your stay and feel free to contact me.

Be well and take care, yours truly,
Hugo Damas