List of comic scripts which are ready to be used for collaborations. Contact me if interested!

All titles are tentative and open to change. All scripts are open to being reformated and/or improved.

Competitive Shadow Conclave

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In One Sentence: An avid gamer enrolls into college following his pre-defined path to becoming a functioning member of society. He’ll become a pro gamer instead.

In one Paragraph: It’s the “sports manga” formula applied to ESports using a MOBA-like game. There will be a lot of influence from the League of Legends scene which is the one I’m most familiar with. They’re super popular and work really well, these sports manga, and e-sports has blown up in popularity so I really think this is an untapped genre, even if we can’t use the IP of an actual e-sport.


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In One Sentence: A crew of thieves goes up against a lone technologically advanced assassin in a cyber-punk themed world.

In one Paragraph: Cyberpunk themed “thief heist”-like scenarios, traps and ambushes. Action aplenty though hardly ever fast paced as our thieves try to outsmart the assassin who is gathering all the parts of an armor so high tech it’s practically a myth, while trying to unravel who the individual is and the mysteries surrounding them, as well as the armor itself.

Jace Vineyard

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In One Sentence: An average joe with a far above average intelligence solves crimes perpetrated by super powered individuals.

In one Paragraph: Sherlock Holmes meets X-Men mutants, where mutations are always around an artistic talent. A story that unravels across a series of self-contained mysteries being solved while developing characters, the world, and the over-arching plot. Funny and witty and adventurous.

Sword of Heavens

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In One Sentence: An archeologist has a theory about how some legends are based on reality and that that means supernatural weapons, and he really wants one, and yes to both.

In one Paragraph: What if legends were based on fact and there were weapons truly powerful and supernatural? Super powered action based on specific rules as well as on historically accurate legends come into play to the heartbeat of powerful and heavy drama as two best friends are set on opposing sides of a conflict, all while a third party seeks to retrieve every legendary weapon and killing every wielder.