Comic Book Writing

Looking to submit work to publishers. Need artist(s)

I have a variety of scripts, written in different formats.
I am looking to produce 5-10 pages off any of those scripts and send them in a submission package to key publishers. Contact me if interested!
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What follows is a quick list of projects I've been involved with as a writer with all respective information I feel is relevant.
Last updated February 2017

Aegis Omega (Ongoing)

Snapshot from Aegis Omega
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  • Theme: Fantasy/supernatural drama.
  • One line sell:Keiji Inoue, an almost average high school student, is in fact a shape-shifter. As he tries to live a normal high school life, he is instead driven to unravel the mysteries lying within the supernatural world that spawned him, as well as the secrets behind his origin and, most importantly, his true nature.
  • Experience sell:Deconstruct shonen manga genre and take a studied and realistic approach at myths and legends for the supernatural side of the story.
  • Objective: Break into the world of comics and produce something that will impact our audience.
  • Duration: Going on for 3+ years now.
  • Success: Pretty loyal readers amounting to over 1k subscribers/followers.
  • Team: Me and one artist.
  • Links:
    Aegis Omega - Homepage to Aegis Omega at tapastic.com, where we're currently publishing it at whatever rate the artist can handle.

Age of the Hunt - The King

Snapshot from Aegis Omega
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  • Theme: Fantasy drama.
  • One line sell: Post apocaliptic society that has lived for generations worshiping the way of the Hunt. This is how its king learned how wrong it was.
  • Experience sell: Offer some introspection on how the right kind of perspective can hit the right kind of mood and cause quite an impact to one's idea of the world.
  • Objective: Create a short comic.
  • Duration: Couple of weeks.
  • Team: Me and one artist.
  • Links:
    Age of the Hunt - DA post from which you can index all 7 pages.

Torven X

Snapshot from Torven X
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  • Theme: Action/Comedy fantasy.
  • One line sell: Kanaeo refuses to slaughter innocents for her war general and is thus tragically branded a traitor, escaping before she is killed. Jax Vaxdun is in hot pursuit of his little sister's boyfriend for dumping her. They meet.
  • Experience sell: Good fun and entertaining with drama gradually mounting as the story develops and our protagonists find themselves involved in matters of importance.
  • Objective: Entertain people and practice humor/comedy writing.
  • Duration: Lasted for 1+ years, roughly.
  • Success: We had fun, didn't find much of a following.
  • Team: Me and one artist.
  • Links:
    Cover of Torven X - Site where comic is hosted, link directly to the first page of the webcomic, the cover.

Sword of Heavens: Akashi

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  • Theme: Action/drama fantasy.
  • One line sell: An archeologist has a theory about how every legend is based on reality and that that means supernatural weapons, and he really wants one, and yes to both.
  • Experience sell: Experience comic action scene like it's never been seen before and a heart-wrenching story about how a hero damn-near dooms the entire world.
  • Objective: Impress and amaze the audience.
  • Duration: We published for nearly two years, numbering on 70+ pages.
  • Success: It reached a peak of 2000 unique visitors per month at one point.
  • Team: Me and one artist.