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What follows is a quick list of projects I've been involved with as a writer with all respective information I feel is relevant.
Last updated October 2018

We Are Terror(Personal)

  • Theme: Reading Adventure Game.
  • One line sell: Follow a story detailing the start of a war, making choises to survive from start to end. Find out more about the story out of wrong choices.
  • Experience sell: Only one sequence of choice allows for the right ending, and true story, but all the others should be valuable and fulfilling as well.
  • Objective: Develop and publish a game on several different platforms. Write a Telltale-style branching story.
  • Duration: A month.
  • Process: I wrote and developed it all by myself, commissiong artists for art support and UI design.
  • Success: The game runs pretty well on all target platforms, and the branches work as designed.
  • Links:
    Steam webpage.
    Google play webpage.
    Web-Browser playable version.

Essence(Portugal - L.D. Game Jam)

  • Theme: Introspective endless runner.
  • One line sell: An individual wrestles with self-doubt as it physically erodes his soul.
  • Experience sell: Make the audience believe there's something truly deep going on with the game and it's not just another endless runner.
  • Objective: Have the audience care about the character enough to motivate them to try survive.
  • Duration: One day.
  • Process: I just wrote it and put it into the game (I was one of the developers so I just did it).
  • Success: 100+ plays, top 200 overall (top 100 fun) - OUT OF 2346.
  • Links:
    Essence entry/status page (April 2013)
    Ludum Dare Homepage
    My personal update to the game

Shadow Conclave(2011, Personal with team)

  • Theme: Fantasy/sci-fi competitive stealth point&click.
  • One line sell: A group of uniquely and specifically themed thieves compete against each other to prove who is the better thief.
  • Experience sell: In a game that challenges the moba genre with a slower-paced more strategy-dependent gameplay, players will have a greater need for characters that are and sound interesting and entertaining.
  • Objective: Write characters that are interesting enough to provide, by themselves, value to the game. Write promotional content for the game.
  • Duration: Three weeks, roughly.
  • Process: Write lore and character backgrounds. Once approved by team, see how chosen artist interprets them. Write defining one-liners. See how chosen voice actors interpret them. Write between one to five lines of dialog for every gameplay/user interaction. Refine all until team is satisfied.
  • Success: 30+ characters (2 hero characters plus npcs/announcers), all completely produced and included into the game as far as the writing is concerned.
  • Links:
    Status Page for Shadow Conclave
    Gameplay Showcase for Shadow Conclave, The Hunter
    Gameplay Showcase for Shadow Conclave, The Circus Freak

Bounty Aces (2010, Personal with team)

  • Theme: Sci/fi space flight squadron battle.
  • One line sell: Three different guilds of treasure hunting space pilots compete for the greatest amount of resources.
  • Experience sell: Experience space battles and competition in a treasure hunting competition alongside a group of allies and opponents that are constantly showing their unique personality.
  • Objective: Write dialog that is interesting and characterizing, and that can be triggered to properly give an impression of active and real ongoing communication during a treasure hunting competition.
  • Duration: Three weeks, roughly.
  • Process: Write plot for single player campaign and overall lore. Once approved by team, see how chosen artist interprets main characters. Write all character lines and use specifically defining ones to audition voice actors.
  • Success: 14+ characters, three hero characters plus four supporting characters plus random npcs and announcer, all completely produced and included into the game as far as the writing is concerned. Game could not be released commercially or in any like-minded capacity.
  • Links:
    Status Page for Bounty Aces
    Trailer for Bounty Aces
    Making of Bounty Aces
    Gameplay Showcase for Bounty Aces, 1 of 2
    Gameplay Showcase for Bounty Aces, 2 of 2